Sticky:: How things work around here

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Sticky:: How things work around here

Post by [Bamboozled] on Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:43 pm

Hello and welcome to Vampire High! I am assuming you are a new member if you are reading this and you are wondering how V. High works. It may seem a tad daunting at the moment but it is actually quite simple. V. High works just like other forums in the sense that you post in threads and talk about things (Twilight in this case).

We also have seven dorms; blue, green, yellow, pink, red, white and black. Each dorm represents a different attitude so you should take the Dorm Quiz (On the Home page under Sorting) to see which house you are in. You cannot pick your own house (sorry).

If you want to post in Vampire HIgh, please follow the Rules of Posting (On the Home Page under Rules). You will be banned if you do not follow these rules. We need to keep everything controlled to make it an enjoyable environment for everyone.

Chatbox rules are also listed in the Rules Section.

All new members need to post in the Introductions Section. You should start your own topic in this section. Please do not start a new topic if there is a thread were you can post.

If you would like to become a teacher, please go to the thread called Becoming a Teacher. There will be one teacher to a subject until we get more members. You may be a teacher for as many subjects as you want but you have to keep them all running. If you don't, you will be replaced.

If you have any ideas for the site or would like to change your username, please PM me. Please don't email me suggestions and name changes, I don't want a million messages in my inbox. Thanks.

So members, lets start Vampire High! Have fun and happy posting Smile

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