Dorm Rules

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Dorm Rules

Post by [Bamboozled] on Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:42 pm

Okay. These rules are pretty simple. I will enforce them in the same way as the other rules so DO NOT break them.

1. Stay within your own dorms- You are not allowed to post in other dorms, I don't want to have passwords to the dorms but if enough people break this rule, I will make them.

2. You may not pick your own dorms- Take the Dorm Quiz to get sorted into a Dorm.

3. Getting put into a dorm- I am going to try to give each of the dorms a member before I put lots of people in the same dorm.

4. Dorm changes- If you really do not like your dorm, I can change you but you have to stick with one after that.

[color=blue]5. Dorm advisors-[/color=blue] If you would like to be an advisor for your dorm, PM me asking if you can. These positions are not permanent and will be changed if you break rules or do not do your duties.

Thats all! Have fun!

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