Making Dorm Graphics!!

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Making Dorm Graphics!!

Post by [Bamboozled] on Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:54 pm

Are you ready? We need a graphic for every dorm to put up on the Dorm Points Page! You can make a graphic for any dorm-not just your own. The winner of each color dorm graphic will receive 30 points for their dorm!

The graphic should have the color of the dorm it represents and the description provided under each dorm name on the home page. When you post the graphic, it should not be in html, I should be able to see the graphic right here. If you can't get it to do that, I will accept links to a page where the graphic is displayed. Other than that, there are no rules! This is a big one because we need these graphics!

Have fun and get some dorm points!

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