Easy Twilight Quiz by Boo

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Easy Twilight Quiz by Boo

Post by [Bamboozled] on Tue Feb 17, 2009 10:09 pm

To start out the quizzes, here is a really easy quiz! Any answers to the quizzes should be pmed to me.

1. Where does Twilight take place?
a) New York
b) Forks
c) A small town in Alabama
d) I have no idea

2. Who is Alice married to?
a) She isn't married
b) Edward
c) Carlisle
d) Jasper

3. What is Rosalie's last name?
a) Hale
b) Turner
c) Cullen
d) Smith

4. What is Carlisle's job?
a) Dentist
b) Ninja
c) Doctor
d) Professor

5. What is Bella's dad's name?
a) Bob
b) Andrew
c) James
d) Charlie

6. What are the names of all the Cullens?
a) Bob, John, Drew, George, Eva, Abby, and Alison
b) Rosalie, Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, and Jasper
c) Bella, Carlisle, Rosalie, Alice, John, Randy and Adam
d) Ryan, Casey, Simon, Mark, Abby, Matt, and Macy

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