Rules of Posting

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Rules of Posting

Post by [Bamboozled] on Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:00 pm

Hello fellow classmates! Here are the rules of posting, the chatbox and pretty much everything on the site. Everyone has to follow these rules including the moderators, regular members and even me.

Please follow these rules carefully. If you do not follow the rules once, you will be given a warning. Twice, you will be banned for a week. Three times, and you will be banned for life. I am serious about enforcing these rules. Without them, this site would be chaos and we would be nothing.

Sorry for all the depressing stuff, I just had to get that out. So now, the rules!

1. No double posting- Pretty simple, its just to keep the threads from building up. If you need to change what you said, please press the Edit button on the top right of the box and you can edit your post.

2. Keep the swearing down to a minimal- You can use the * to substitute some letters so we get the idea of what you are saying without there being cusses all over the school.

3. No profanity!!- This is a big one. If you disobey this one you will automatically be banned. Sorry but niceboards (the host of this site) doesn't want it on one of their sites and neither do I.

4. Have fun and don't ruin other people's fun- Please don't be a downer and ruin everyone's fun. This is supposed to be a fun, relaxing site not a crazy site with tons of drama. This means respect other members.

5. We all have drama, we don't need it here- If you want to talk about drama, go to the psychology section under Classes. Also, stop in every once in a while to the class even if you don't have drama. People need to vent to others and that will keep our site more drama free.

6. Avatars must be 100x100 or less- No huge avvies please Smile

7. Signatures- I am not gonna put dimensions up but please do not make huge signatures. Scale them down a tad. If I feel you are breaking this rule, I will give you an little warning (no penalty).

8. Spelling- You may text talk but not excessively. Correct spelling is applauded here at VH.

9. Spoiler Alert- If you think that the thread you are creating might have spoilers for any book or movie please put *S* in the title.

10. No one word or only smiley posts- This includes if you have more than one smiley in a post. You need to have at least 2 words in each post.

11. All caps posts are prohibited- Please use some lowercase in every post Smile thanks.

Alright. Finally got that out of the way. Follow the rules and have fun Very Happy

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