Quiz Making and Answering Rules

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Quiz Making and Answering Rules

Post by [Bamboozled] on Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:13 pm

Quiz Making

1. No more than 20 questions
2. Quizzes must be about any of the Twilight books or Vampire High
3. If you are going to have anything in your quiz about anything "R rated" you need to have *R* in the title
4. You have to put your name and dorm in the title so I know who to give points to
5. No more than 7 answers to a questions
6. Questions don't have to be multiple choice
7. If you make a quiz, you have to be willing to grade it until i recruit a grader.
8. When you send people their grades, it should be a fraction, not a percent. I can't know how many points to give someone if I don't know the number of questions they answered right.

Quiz Answering

1. Send the answers to whomever made the quiz NOT ME.
2. Do not give away answers to other members.
3. When you get your scores, PM them to me to get points.
4. You can't take a quiz twice. Sorry.

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